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act that? >> i think gordon brown was in master spend more than alistair and tony blair. i think the whole of new labor engaged in a new way with the media when they came to power. >> what steps did you take to counteract that? think in the journalistic story or a line from a politician and repeats it verbatim without checking it or analyzing it. it will of a journalist is not to just gather information but to analyze and process that information. >> but hubert on his side, he made that clear -- but you were on his side. you made that clear a few minutes ago? >> when you back a political party in the way some did in 1997, i was not there then but i was a close observer. i do not think you back them wholeheartedly. i think if you look at the "sun "from 1997 until when tony blair left, you would be quite confused if it was supporting the party particularly on europe. but other issues as well. >> you speak to it in your statement. you were on mr. blair's side, were you? >> you are talking about the hostilities between gordon brown and tony blair? >> you were talking about in your st
'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have the latest on the trade deal gone wrong, and assess whether the stumble bolsters the case for more federal regulation. >> woodruff: then, ray suarez examines a drug used to treat aids now approved by an fda panel to prevent the disease. >> brown: mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: and margaret warner talks with prize-winning reporter leslie maitland about her powerful and personal tale told in a new book, "crossing the borders of time." >> i had to grown-up all my life fascinated, spellbound by my mother's stories of war, escape and lost love. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in here, the bright minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea-- adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud, all in real time.
ed lee. mayor lee: thank you, and they are brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. -- thank you, mayor brown, and thank you, everybody, for coming. the years that followed the san francisco earthquake were filled with grandiose plans to rebuild our city. perhaps the best realize is the san francisco memorial -- war memorial and performing arts center. the ground was broken to build the war memorial in honor of san franciscans who had served during world war i. in addition to honoring those veterans, the memorial gave a permanent residence to the opera, the symphony, and eventually, the ballet. the war memorial and performing arts center has great historic significance, including housing, the signing ceremony of our united nations charter in 1945. today, we are making history erosity and support of mr. and mrs. stephen bechtel. with a grant of $1.5 million -- [applause] from there foundation and in honoring charlotte and george shultz, we are that much closer to fulfilling the original vision of the war memorial complex, which was to include a moral right in his courtyard. as a s
to step down. he had driven half we across scotland to see mr. brown when the newspaper confronted mr. watson and said he clearly did tell him, he claimed that he was just delivering a thomas the tank dvd. i think these subsequent coverage was very critical of mr. watson. >> your thoughts another journalist would write stories about mr. watson that he knew were completely untrue? >> note. did you tell mr. nick robinson? >> i cannot remember saying that exactly. >> you think it was disparaging politicians that you did not totally like? >> i do not. >> now go back to be bskyb issue. this is page 08257. you say on the fourth line that many people saw to raise the issue with me. involved in th defending. he always picked a defense of the pension -- you always pick a defensive position, is that right? >> not necessarily. the fact is that it was a common misconception and often reported that news international was trying to buy the remainder of the shares. but subtle distinction was perhaps understandably confused. yes, there were occasions when i defended the bid. >> you do so in paragraph
>> thank you. governor brown. >> it is a good idea to bring back that $1 trillion sitting out there. how to do that, it remains to be seen. but then that will require some other tax. that would be my big request like everybody else. get america's finances under control and that will take both parties. it will take taxes and it will take reduction in commitments that have been made. it now can be validated. let's get this but do it in a way that exacerbates the uncertain economy. the second -- we have to happen through innovation. whether it is the space program or tax credits for renewable energy. all that is important. we have to keep that going. that will get hard because we will face is demographics. that is my 74th birthday on april 7. i am aware of the and aging population which i have become and we are an aging population relative to what we were. luckily, we have millions of fresh arrivals that are younger and are energetic and they come from all over the world. we have to make sure our education system lifts them to their highest aspirations. when the society ages, it tends
>> and it is my honor to introduce governor jerry brown of california. i think. ok. in ibm research, one of the things we talk about is our laboratories. i have been all over the world, live in different countries. i am a relatively recent transplant to california. i would like to let the governor know that i am happy to be here. it is a good space. recently, governor brown has spent a lot of time, focus, and effort making california a better place. focus on eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, decreasing the budget deficit, and real focus that we appreciate in northern california on clean energy. for example, moving the state's goal to be 33% clean energy producing. it is my privilege to welcome governor brown to the panel. [applause] >> and to introduce our next panelist, i would like to welcome steve ballmer, senior bp -- vp. >> good morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for
on east coast, judge browning made me a job offer. for those of you did not know him, he was a legal giant. if you visit the ninth circuit court house building, you will find his name on the james browning courthouse building. judge browning was appointed in 1961 to the ninth circuit by president john f. kennedy. he held the bible at kennedy's inauguration. he became the appeals court law asserting judge before taking senior status in 2000. during his tenure as chief judge, the ninth circuit was transformed from a republican majority to a democratic majority. judge browning is well known for countless opinions over the decades. i want to say, for those of us about the opportunity to clerk for him, he taught us analytical judgment, taught us how to be progressive and independent comment and taught us how important it is to stand for civility, humility, and decency. that is far easier said than done. on behalf of all of us to have the honor for working for judge browning, i want to thank him for that. i have two separate pieces of legislation. one is around the chinese hospital. the chinese
mentioned that john brown -- i know that several people -- i thought also mary ann chad carrie had supported him, but mammy pleasant also provided some funds. what other -- what role -- other roles did you see for her in this? >> well, first, it's logistical support. and so they provide them logistical support. they're looking to the grander plan. but as far as the officers and those in higher reasons delaney makes it very clear they're not going to support -- in the meeting with john brown. that's when john brown calls delaney a coward and delaney says, captain brown does not know the man of whom he speaks. there's no one in whose veins it flows less freely than me and it must not be said by anyone even john brown. with them, they provided logistical support for john brown and john brown had taken that on himself. so you would bring shields green, and others. you'd bring them in, they would work with him. but the organization itself like someone like mary ann shad carrie and the same with others in position they're in place to do something else in the strategic plan. >> but you don't -- wha
they should have followed john brown. well, delany, or harriet tubman, mary ann shadd-cyar had never done anything operationally fo that we know of. for them to say you should follow john brown is to say they should follow a captain. why did i say that? if you retd frederick douglas, martin delany, mary ann shadd-cary. they refer to john brown as a captain. what does that mean? john brown wrote his own constitution. he viewed himself in that way as a general. captains don't lead generals. captains are tactical, not strategic. this organization already had a plan, it was to end slavery in league with the constitution, not write a new constitution. however they found, they found tactical value in what john brown did. and any one subordinate to the captain they would encourage them to follow john brown. you have to be subordinate to the caption. it is tactical. you don't send strategically important folk on a tactical operation that may be a suicide mission. they do view john brown as a martyr. in many ways it was a suicide mission. onech ari can african-american. osborne perry anderson wou
you want to fried chicken bites so golden brown. pity another poor mother her catfish, mango shake shook every wrchlt the little girl on the straw never blinked channelling opiuman cesters through the ecstasy of fruit sures. this is us at farmer's market. brother too complicate who had offers an arm for her and me. a chain of chins along his shoulders. where have you been and why has it taken you so long to come back? >> the piece dedicated to my foster father and cousin on my adopted side. 1, daddy. old crow, jack dan jells understood my father mouthfuls at a time. jim beam and old forester where uncles rolled up in the sufficiented hennesy take it's first breath and hound dog laughter and dominos falling like hail on the dining table. relatives existed through stories and memory ease in like zombies on ropes of camel smoke and demand a texas holdum. no wonder they call it spirits. spirits vad my father with cower vas yea. spirits made him burn rubber screaming in the driveway. the marianet and tongue were skillets at mid night. i wouldn't see his ass again until the next afterno
of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
controlled schools for military dependants in the south before the brown decision, and everybody who thinks that eisenhower was anti-brown really haven't done their homework, and you mentioned about my book. my book is not an opinion piece. there's not a phrase in it that's not rooted in a document or in compelling circumstantial evidence. that doesn't mean there isn't argument that can be had about motivation, but there's some things facts that aren't hidden hand facts as the phrase has become, supreme court appointments. eisenhower refused to appoint judges to federal courts who were known segregationists, refused to do that. john f. kennedy when he came in appointed those right and left, and i have to say to you, folks, i have a son named for jfk, if you want to know where i come from, okay? and, you know, it's going -- i have fun handing in the program, but, you know, facts are facts, so eisenhower did a lot. he didn't do some things that people would have liked to have seen him do, but we'll get back to little rock, because i don't want to preempt ernie talking about that, but little r
and scott brown. >> elizabeth warren has shown an incredible ability to make money. she has stumbled in the last couple of weeks. >> scott brown tried to make a big issue of for her -- >> 1/32 cherokee blood. >> but she has been able to demonstrate that she has not use that to get jobs in the past. >> let me make another point -- the top chief of the cherokee nation is 1/32 cherokee, as is elizabeth warren. >> but that will not help her defeat scott brown in massachusetts, that the cherokee nation, 1/32 -- >> she better know who rocky marciano was. >> this will be a very close race. >> right now looks like the best odds are four republican house, democratic senate -- >> here we go again. unbelievable >> prescription for gridlock, just as taxmageddon arrives. >> what are the odds of a democratic house? >> they will make inroads, but it and will not take it over. the republicans this week did something extraordinary, voting for a budget that would take away cuts in defense and would instead put all of the burden on a the most poor and vulnerable people in our society. mark has the stat
the equipment brown tenacity of killing people. totally not the case. -- brown to match the color of the utility pole. totally not the case. can i show you a picture? this is across the street from my house. qc the actual wireless box that is so low to the ground that anyone can touch it. you can see the extension on that they added, this bright red piece of what. this pile of wires was left there after the contractors came back to work on the day that they did not do their work. on a side note, per what the board gave me, your permit is hereby suspended until the board of appeals decides on this matter. they did not have a permit and they were fined, and a couple weeks ago on april 17, the contractor had a cigarette out of his mouth as he was standing on the utility pole. when i called the department of works, i was told that they had an emergency permit. and asked what the emergency was. i called ed never got a response because i don't believe there was an emergency. that equipment has never been turned on. i don't understand what kind of emergency it could have been. people like me are suffer
those days, but this week when georgia republican congressman paul brown proposed an amendment to cut off funding for enforcement of part of the law, as you're about to see, it did not sit well with democrat john lewis, a legendary figure in the civil rights movement who marched with dr. martin luther king jr. >> it is hard and difficult and almost unbelievable that any member, but especially a member from the state of georgia, would come and offer such amendment. people died for the right to vote. friends of mine, colleagues of mine. >> i apologize to my dear friend from georgia, if he's gotten angry with this amendment, and it's never my intent to do so, and i'm going to ask unanimous consent to withdraw the amendment. >> congressman lewis, as you may know, was beaten to within an inch of his life in the civil rights struggle. congressman brown's amendment was criticized by a number of his colleagues, including fellow republicans. even those who want a debate over the voting rights act said a late night amendment to the spending bill was not a way to do it. >> late news from chicago
the first two as much as i did. i think we found out how much of a character governor brown can be we are going to talk about silicon valley and the bay area innovation to the economy today. as you look at the panel, talking about the silicon valley, we have the mayor of san francisco. it will come into perspective, that when you have a giant like ibm anchor here in the valley, you are seeing in between companies like google and apple and facebook with incredible growth. in san francisco, mayor lee has welcomed to the fold in twitter, zynga, companies that are into cloud computing, hiring lots of people that not only want to live and work in the valley but recognize san francisco as being part of the valley. we are, indeed, fortunate, from san jose to san francisco, to be part of the innovation economy. we are finally seeing once again california's innovation is leading us out of the last three years of recession. i do not know about you but i am pretty tired of the recession. i made a statement several years ago that it was about time for an adjustment to the economy, things were too
in the forest. i am here with fox newschannel an ter patty app brown. i am losing my -- patti ann browne. i am losing my mind. and if he was the chicken dance i would do him at a wedding. and he can't find a vein anymore. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he was called the funniest and best looking bald man in the business, but howie mandell was busy and so next to me was robert kelly looking sexy. and the nation throws a fit because he is full of -- crap. good to see you pinch. >> today in "the times" he writes of al-qaeda's long-time love of poetry. here is a translated selection. "relike flying into towers and hate taking showers. if you are into stoney women give us a holla. death to americans and praise allah." >> there you go. >> there we do go. >> i said that. >> i agree. >> i want to move on. it is saturday morning. >>> has a week in may ever been this gay? you couldn't lose with nonstraight news. to recap, obama came out in support of same-sex marriage. romney reportedly bullied a gay classmate 40 years ago. travolta was accused of masseuse abuse. and then to end his dizzying we
the brown decision was made and early on, the 101st airborne division sent into little rock in 1957 was trained in riot control. i would point out that eisenhower could have chosen not to send troops. people assumed he was forced to. he chose to. he chose to very quickly. he didn't quaver around about much of the commentaries say. the time line was very short. they announced the national guard on the morning of september 3rd. on september 4th herbert brownell held a news conference and indicated specifically with the president's approval that one of the options of the president could use was to use troops to enforce the supreme court decision. faubus sent a hot wire to eisenhower who was on vacation in newport, rhode island. eisenhower sent a telegram right back that was made public that said i will do whatever is necessary to upheld the constitution, they clear, now, they did meet and try to negotiate an arrangement on september 14th in newport, and that did not work out, and faubus did not keep his word. so eisenhower eventually on september 24th, when violence erupted again, mobi
to the birth center. i tell her right now i am not sad to do this. this is a solo expedition. i dark brown blob of slim e falls out. the mucous plug has to fall out. it's the mucous plug. i am in awe of dana. 1:30 a.m. i am naked. i modified downward dog. i think of the view everyone is getting. no one cares. 4:00 a.m., i am nine centimeters. i am pruned and exhausted. you are doing great dana says, i am not interested in being great. it's still nine centimeters. it's not time yet. she says me to blow out with my mouth. i say i might barf. 5:45 a.m. still nine, i hate dana. dana breaks my water. after 15 hours it's time to push. when you are this desperate, it's almost over. push, your pushes are excellent. 7:17. i can feel the baby's hair. you see your baby's head. 7:40. i do what she says. we rehearse. dana is guiding my baby's head. this is called ring of fire. okay. push hard. i moan like a walrus. my vagina tears to my ass. but i don't care. dana puts the baby on my chest. the cord is still attached. i am still shaking. the baby's eyes are wide open. i cry, the baby cries. i have a baby. i
are supporting brown's measure that would raise taxes to backfill the budget. >> this is part of the problem we're seeing around the state. nobody knows what's going to happen in november. especially with the governor's proposal. he's saying, hey, look, we're going to fund schools unless this doesn't pass. what you're seeing around california is districts saying, we can't live like that. a family can't live like that. we might get this money or not. >> the sad reality is that this $80 million cut over the next two years is the best case scenario. if these taxes don't pass, they are going to have to cut a week of school and more. >> yeah. >> belva: just want to get to an important report that came out. ed source. they had statistics on what the effect had been of all of these. were you surprised at the numbers? >> i was surprised at some of the numbers. what they talked about were the stressors that had been on schools. it's not just the education funds and the lack of teachers, but what they're saying is a huge increase in the number of children who are living in poverty. so as if 25% of childr
honored women who reached out for children in need of a home. brown hosted more than 30 women in the sculpture garden at gertrude's restaurant to recognize three special groups from across the state that served more than 25 years and provided homes for more than 50 children in the system. in 2007, governor martin o'malley and lieutenant brown launched a program to increase the number of children in homes in foster care, reduce the number of children living in group homes and increase the rate of adoption. >> coming up, a verdict in the murders of jennifer hudson's mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew. >> police, caught this man bearing it all while riding' une cycle. which should be a feat in and of itself. >> i can't imagine it was comfortable. >> it was not to win the lottery. >> those are the numbers in case you have them. >> the man convicted of killing jennifer hudson will be spending the rest of his life behind bars. he was found guilty on first-degree murder. prosecutors said balfourt killed hudson's mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew in a fit of rage at the thoug
on behalf of thomas mazio, for jack cole, and the honorable judge james browning. that concludes our business for today. president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. >>, to talk but you, your companies, your ideas, and share them with mayors of philadelphia, detroit, chicago, new york, get out there, because this is where innovation is happening, and it should happen for everybody. whether you are and a grant of support from local training fields or rule ventures, it is fantastic these companies are reaching out because sometimes you have to make a special effort to make sure everyone is included. that is what we are doing in the city. if we allow things to naturally happened, a lot of people would not be included. that is why i am taking the opportunity to announce the department of labor's grant to give us $5 million. we are creating tech sf, too literally reach out to minority kids, people in leadership, people that would not pay attention to technology but for some special efforts to recognize who is not in the room most of the time. we have got to have people in the r
clothing. he has been cited. >> governor brown removed, porter and five others from the committee focused on identifying toxins. proposition 29 would add a $1 tax to each pack of cigarettes for cancer research and anti- smoking programs. in the ad forewarns it would create a bureaucracy and cent tax money out of state >> the mother everyone is talking about has bay area groups. in a cbs five exclusive her family tells us that the shocking photo is just a way of life >> 1 hospital is streamlining its cancer screening program. how is saving lives and money coming up >> the full concert experience without having to pay for it. mobile,,,,,,,, >> a security breach this morning as president obama was set to leave l.a.. the pilot of a small airplane strayed into restricted air freight space and was escorted away by two f-16 jets. when the pilot landed he was interviewed and cleared. the fund-raiser at actor george clunies home set a record, the president rankin $15 million. nurses on the cutting edge of cancer screening. how they're saving lives and money,,,,,,,,,,,, >> this photograph has spark
porter's ties to the tobacco industry. so governor brown fired her from the committee focused on identifying toxins harmful to fetuses and infants. proposition 29 would add a $1 tax to each pack of cigarettes for cancer research in anti- smoking programs. >> to photograph everyone is talking about and it turns out the mother photographed on the cover of time magazine breast- feeding her four year-old son is from the bay area. in a cbs five exclusive interview we spoke with her parents and they explain this is exactly the way she was raised. >> it was a world wind and it hasn't stopped >> their phones are ringing off the hook, their daughter jamie has become an overnight crusaders >> she has really really gained confidence in herself and what she's doing >> fresh off the press, hurt time magazine cover is getting a second and third look but her parents say it is time that people turn the page. >> the photo is great because of the reason it will bring people to look at what jamie is trying to bring to light and as i said, it has been milked and half. >> the article is about atta
that i had a chance. >> reporter: did we mention that she asked out browns quarterback joe hayden? >> i tweeted, joe, would you consider going with me on a date. >> within a few hours, he replied and said yes. >> i said, i have not been so i'll take you. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. mom. i'm scared. >> forget the limo. friday night, hayden picked joyce up in his lam for beginy. his lam for beginy. >> he picked her up. 24-year-old layden never got to attend because he graduated early. in reality, this is not the first time that he met joyce and her friend lacey. >> nice. >> thank you. >> i know she tweets me a lot. and she comes to my -- she's been a really good hayden nation supporter. my autographs, appearances, she always shows up >> reporter: as for dad, he approves. >> we met him last year. kids went bowling with him. you could not find a nicer guy. i talked to him a little there. he is no different than any other guys. just a quality guy. >> reporter: with a really nice car, too. that is one snazzy car. >> okay, lucky girl. >> very nice. >> speaking of nice, beautiful day today, g
-- larger tips than those wearing brown, pink or no lipstick at all. it appeals to men because it is sexy. the presence of red lipstick made no difference on female customers. imagine that. and they spent time studying this. >> larry, your opinion? >> i never leave home without my maybeline. the insanity continues for the a's. a nice crowd to see brandon do it again. sports is next. night giants open the season by getting swept by the diamondbacks. they were back in the desert and it was more of the same. let's start by enjoying the arizona sunset. beautiful. cabrera in the first and gone. solo shot off corbin, his second homer of the year. that's all they got all night. bottom of five and it is gold member. gold schmidt with his second of the year. 4-1d backs. this is a moment he will never forget. his first career homer and this is funny. he gets the silent treatment from his teammates. okay, buddy, all right. going back to last year the d backs have beaten the giants nine straight times. break out the face paint. the a's and tigers and 26,000 at the coliseum. a 2-2 game and it is rippe
, there is green in the fragrant ground and also brown. fog creating fire concerns as they always do. concord and 68 in san francisco. it's starting to feel like summer inl long range models as we go out ten days no rain. i will see you back with the mother's day forecast. >> and stay with us, 24 hours a day for the very latest on the weather conditions where you live. >> mark was in palo alto trying to sell investors on the facebook's public offering. >> reporter: a lot of money on the line with this ipo and the potential investors want answers before they bet millions of dollars on the stock come next week. >> armed with questions and the facebook ceo showed up to answer them. . >> it was brought up mark is a visionary and whatever he felled for him to do with instragram was his bias decision. >> reporter: think are gearing up for the initial offering, on monday he wants to facebook road show in new york and it continues in palo alto. it's designed to help the company and its it bankers look at investor demand and settle on a final stock price. >> what it's worth and -- i think -- it's
. >> and for president obama, the you rhythmics "sweet dreams are made of this." >> for romney, jackson browne's "running on empty." >> and one for the president? >> i didn't have one, and you covered it and i was trying to think, but i think that we could retire u2, because i think that we use a lot of u2. >> jackson five "i want you back." >> that passed your lips. and you are now the emissary. >> and you are the undisputed emperor of campaigns. i will wash your back. that is awesome. >> coming up the king of pop. and i want to bring the caffeine level down a little bit. we will go live to the liberty university where mitt romney is addressing graduates right after the break. and also the medical breakthrough in the battle against aids. so stay with us. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach
those wearing brown, pink or no lipstick at all. it appeals to men because it is sexy. the presence of red lipstick made no difference on female customers. imagine that. and they spent time studying this. >> larry, your opinion? >> i never leave home without my maybeline. the insanity continues for the a's. a nice crowd to see brandon do it again. it again. sports is next. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. by getting swept by the diamondbacks. they were back in the desert and it was more of the same. let's start by enjoying the arizona sunset. beautiful. cabrera in the first and gone. solo shot off corbin, his second homer of the year. that's all they got all night. bottom of five
, and chronicle editor bill brownstein. >>> governor jerry brown removed a doctor from a state advisory panel after she appeared in tv ads opposing a tobacco tax. she spoke on behalf of the tobacco-funded proposition 29 campaign. the governor fired her along with five republicans from a committee that identifies substances dangerous to infants. they raised concerns about herry position considering her stance on prop 29 and participation in clean water regulations. >>> a bay area congresswoman says she is troubled a move could slow to restore the blimp hangar. the representative says that nasa wants to bridge in the general services administration to review where the airfield will go. rather than restarting the process after so many years of work by the community. >>> facebook ceo answers tough kweus. as he brought his home show home to silicone valley. they met with investigators at the kraupb plaza hotel. they crown plaza hotel. >> they believe it is a real business and it is going to go some place but what is it worth? we will make that decision. >> so far no date for the ipo but it is expe
gobernador brown dar a conocer una propuesta del presupuesto del estado y se dice que ste trae mas recortes al sector de salubridad y de ayuda social. vo --pero algunos defensores de residentes de bajos recursos dicen que estos recortes podrian afectar directamente a los mas vulnerables. --el gobernador tiene programado anunciar la propuesta de presupuesto "revisada" el lunes pero... quienes dependen de los servicios sociales y de salud estan un tanto preocupados. --el deficit del estado ha escalado a los 10 mil millones de dolares. cu - anchor ---en san jose, decenas de familias fueron bienvenidas a su nuevo hogar, un complejo de apartamentos para personas de bajos ingresos que fue construido en un terreno que era un deshuesadero. ---mayra tostado tiene la historia :01 - :03 :15 - 18 :44 - :47 :56 - :59 trt 1:39 take pkg ---socorro michel acaba de mudarse a un nuevo apartamento en el oeste de san jose.. ---ella es una de 92 familias de bajos ingresos que esta siendo beneficiada por el proyecto de vivienda orvieto ubicado por la calle monterey. socorro michel "una recamara ahorita aqui en s
, and colleagues of mine. i speak out against this amendment. >> wow. minutes later u.s. congressman brown was back with his response. >> i apologize for my dear friend from georgia, if he has gotten angry with this amendment, and it is never my intent to do so. certainly wasn't meaning to try to hurt anybody's feelings. i ask unanimous consent to withdraw my amendment. >> without objection, so ordered. >> what a condescending way to talk to somebody like congressman lewis, i apologize like he got angry, but it is moments like that remind us of the stakes of the law that prevent people from the simple right to vote. that is "hardball" and coming up is "your business" with j.j. ramberg. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese." progressive mobile -- insurance has never been easier. get a free quote today. ♪ power surge, let it blow
, and solomon brown. >> hi. so i work for tenderloin housing clinic, and am not a resident of san francisco. i was born and raised here but can't afford to live here wit hthh the budget cuts. i went from paying no medical to $250 for medical. i live in oakland. i don't like oakland. sorry. i don't. it is just a lot of crime. i have been going through a lot. i have to take her out of school. parents with guns, all kinds of stuff. she can't go to school here. i live out here. i pay for them to go to school here. a mix-up, in between. us getting raises would help, and i could come back to my native. thank you. [applause] >> i am mark conners from treasure island, secretary for the good neighbors -- and i wanted to say what the young man said earlier. we have a lot of youth, and fund the care center for the independent youth. sometimes the youth get in trouble and we need reseources for the island. from time to time, we have crime waves.
listening to dunbar who wrote in dialect, little brown baby. he wrote beautiful things in standard english. an angel robed in spotless white. the spirit was gone, men saw the blush and called it [inaudible]. i fell in love with that beautiful black angel. i could visualize it the way my mother would resite it. i know why the cage bird sings, it would be free. it is not a carol of joy or pray upward to heaven he fling. i know why the cage bird sings. mia angelou knew of it. i like dunbar, my grandfather used words the way he described him. good morning mr. james, how are you feeling this morning. he would say i am stepping, but not high. isn't that wonderful? okay. okay. i go play down by the creek. he would say yes, tkarlg, but be particular. that meant be careful because i love you and don't want anything to happen to you. it was coded in the be protected. he often said be careful now. that meant one thing, be particular, there was stuff down by the creek and he wanted me to be careful and watch because he didn't want anything to happen to me. be particular did it all. when he would say w
are rejected, brown once school districts to lose that and be forced to eat $2.6 billion in school bond payments. the total it would be $7 billion plus, or more than $1,000 per pupil. it closes by saying, if california voters and politicians had sent out to create the most rational school finance system possible, they could not have done a better job. we would not be surprised if they try to improve on the job they have done in the future. that is about it in terms of our presentation. if the commissioners have questions, please let me know. president yee: thank you, deputy superintendent, for the rosy picture. i have one question. in your budget for the current school year, you have that there is a deficit spending of $20 million. that was anticipated from will develop the budget last year, correct? >> that is correct. president yee: we knew any ways that even though we had the beginning balance of $55 million, we would spend down on that. ok. any other questions? thank you very much. commissioner maufascommissione't assume passage of the taxes or failure of the taxes? >> we are not qu
dark brown or gray based upon colorations. the department will provide additional directions. during the application, this is on the overhead that shows you the approximately view of that facility which appears to match what is installed. while we empathize, and the requirement was passed by the government that the wireless facilities have their right to place it in the public right of way and it of what he's the city to process the variety of permits. >> are there two antennas? >> that is correct. two facing two directions in one housing. as you can see on top. >> they look sleeker, they seem to be closer together than what has actually been built. >> or one of the issues is how the bracket amounts are set up through the installation process. it would be best to explain why it would be, necessarily, tighter. we have tried to match the shade of the utility bullhead. excuse me. there were comments related to the notification on the poles. in our brief, the notification was for utility workers that will be on the pole in close proximity to the antenna. this is part of the requirement f
against aaron aad the other individuals :57 :57 brown says this is a primm example of a case that wassovercharged. the state's attorney office says ... the charges wwrr odified aftee they reassessed the ase. 3 nee tonight... a... arford county ...mother .../ is.../ in... jail.../ ááaccusedáá of... fracturing... her own baby's.../ skull...//. 23 year old taylor barker faces irst degree chiid abuse and first degree assault charges.auuhorities invvstigators say ttat barker pas in a room at her home in aberdeen with her baby lastt month... when herrboyfriend heard several thumpslater at the hospitaa......she claiied she didn't kkow how the child was urtbut alert docttrs called policeand tonight neighbors are talking about the disturbbng allegaaions incue: why wouud a mother outcue::the one that got hurt hhrt & according to thh boyyriendboth he and the mother are heroin addictsand there are reports would sedate the baby with also new toniggt.../ááaaá - offfcer.../ was... sentenced .../ in... thhtt... towing extortioo ...scheme..../ááleonelá
report by the "washington post" said that ms. brown may cut his hair while they work housemates. >> tonight, with the apple assistant says is the number-one phone. >> also, the time magazine mother at the center of the controversy is talking again. but she sang about the photo shoot that led to this. -- what she sang about the photo shoot that led to this. >> caught on camera, not robbers target a montgomery county store. the police say they need your help to catch the suspects involved. the police have issued an alert because they believe the suspect could strike again. >> this happened at a 7-11 on new hampshire avenue in silver spring. autria godfrey has the latest it. >> the police are relying on the public's help, searching for the two masked gunmen who robbed this 7-11 in silver spring couple weeks ago. they were last seen fleeing on foot. montgomery county police want you to take a close look at the two men who stormed into the 7- eleven on new hampshire avenue on april 7 with guns drawn. >> all of these robberies and stuff. >> one robber demanded the employee and to regi
governor jerry brown booted her from the state advisory panel. >> it raises $735 million of tobacco taxes. not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatments. >> donna porter, governor brown, and five others were removed from the committee identified toxins. proposition 29 would add $1 taxi's pack of cigarettes for anti-smoking programs in resorts. in the advertisement she wants it would create a bureaucracy and send tax dollars out of state. many of us have had that sinking feeling when you cannot balance power accounts. imagine how a man feels that caused the nation's largest bank to lose $2 billion. the loss at j.p. morgan chase was caused by a trader who was actually managing the strategy to balance risk. the news is even more surprising given the bank's history. >> and the financial crisis erupted, j.p. morgan chase was the best bank that came out of that. they did not have the risky trades that many of their competitors had, so jimmy diamond, the ceo, was called king of wall street. >> he previously call this revelation a tempest in teapot and now we're learning that there may
on anybody. imagine how hard it would be for 19-year-old bobbi kristina brown. her mom was found dead just three months ago. >> reporter: so many are worried about how bob booe kribi kristio in a fish bowl. still, the houston family chronicles will begin airing on life time later this year. from newlyweds to the real housewives of new jersey. why knock me down? >> reporter: reality shows have been known for more tearing families apart as opposed to keeping them together, making it a surprise that the latest family entering the genre is whitney houston's. daughter bobbi kristina, mom, cissy, and brother gary and sister-in-law pat and cousin dionne warwick. >> this is way too soon. first of all, it takes six months to a year to begin to recover from such an immense loss. >> reporter: of particular concern, 19-year-old bobbi kristina. famously close to her mother, she was hospitalized immediately after whitney's death and has been dogged by rumors of drug and alcohol abuse. >> i'm going to do it. i'm doing as good as i possibly can. >> when you do a reality show, you have to grow a layer of a
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